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About Us

Some of the most memorable moments that I have had in my life occurred when I traveled to two incredible places in Mexico, Chiapas and Oaxaca. Chiapas and Oaxaca are among the states of Mexico that rank highest in coffee and artisanal chocolate production. The reason I traveled there was to learn about the process required to obtain the products that Flor de Azalea will offer you, from their origins to the final products. During my visit to Chiapas and Oaxaca, I gathered knowledge and information about the different types of coffee, their history, their differences in quality, the correct temperature conditions, bean cleansing, and roasting. 

Flor de Azalea Cafe is a place that invites you to connect, learn, and experience not just a great cup of coffee, but all of our high quality products as well. For us, coffee is not just a drink to give us energy, but a part of our lifestyle and culture. Most of us drink coffee all day and of different types. Flor de Azalea Cafe understands that and that is why we have selected one of the best coffee roasters: Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co. Their coffee beans are grown organically and are bought from small coffee farms from around the world. The Booskerdoo Company never roasts their coffee beans before an order is made, but instead roasts them immediately after an order is placed. They are committed to sending us their most exceptional coffee beans, delivered to our door in less than 24 hours, ensuring the freshest coffee beans. 

Flor de Azalea Cafe is also partnering with Tisserie Bakery. Their products are handmade overnight using only the highest quality products, such as fruit from local vendors, 100% organic Venezuelan chocolate, and King Arthur flour.

Flor de Azalea would not be complete if we did not offer you our most traditional bread and sweets such as conchas, churros, and doughnuts to pair with a great cafe de olla or an authentic spiced or traditional Mexican hot chocolate. We invite you to come to our place to indulge yourself enjoy the special service that you deserve. 

- Jenny Vazquez - 

Owner of Flor de Azalea Cafe